First Post On Brand New Blog

So, yeah… i’ve decided to start write a blog about my story by this day. Basically, the main purposes to me to start to create and manage a blog is to create a place where i can keep my very own idea, train my typing style and speed and share about my thoughts about things that came to my mind (when i say start i dont really start from zero, ive create another blog but… u know.. i really make a comittment to write a blog just now, October 28, 2013)

Imagewell…. this is me. My 2013 version.

wanna know about me? (assume if the answer is yes)

My name is I Gede Eka Agastya Putra or simply you can call me eka. I’m 17 by this first August. I study Civil Engineering in Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta, i take the international program in there (i prefer take with the english one because i think it’ll be fun and its really are). I’m on my third semester by now. I love reading motivational book, but i’m not really in with reading, I Love sports, I’ve hi interest in Physics and Math (still im not so good at it), I like to see a good environment, once i act like an activist 😀 , I like to watch and read about space stuff even i’ve never go there and have limited knowledge about it but i love it.

well, this is my first post. Happy Blogging

-Gede Eka-