Civil Engineering International Program Activities in Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta

Well, recently i got a request from riki that ask to post about the activities in the Civil Engineering International Program activities


About CE International 

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International S1 Program, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University provides students with the education to attain high quality civil engineer graduates.

Civil engineers are needed in all aspects of our daily life. Civil engineers design, build and maintain the built environment in which we live. These include bridges, buildings, railways, highways, water supply, airport, and many other infrastructure facilities. The involvement of civil engineers might be in the planning, designing and managing such projects. Continue reading


Solar Panel’s Unlimited Energy Boost for Bridge Electricity Needs


Various electricity sources to provide electricity needs in Golden Gate Bridge being analyzed to gain the impact of each source to the global warming. In purposed to obtain environmentally-friendly energy source, problem in criteria of pollution resulted, sustainability, impact to the human health, and impact to the environmental still happened in two of three energy sources. Hazardous wastes are produced by the Nuclear reactor which is harmful to the human health, air pollution also occurs in the process of producing energy in Nature gas and highly responsible to the climate change. Either Nuclear reactor or Nature gas cannot provide sustainable energy source because the fuel is formed from non-renewable materials. Both of them revealed the possibilities of disadvantages are more dominant than the expected benefits. The last energy source observed (solar panel) shows different results which are sufficient to the criteria. Moreover, it can be placed in almost every part of the bridge as long as provide sun light, which means not necessary to change the design of the bridge.  This observation suggested using Solar panel as electricity boost to Golden gate bridge electricity needs. Continue reading