Hello there, Welcome to my blog!

My name is: I Gede Eka Agastya Putra, simply you can call me eka. I’m born in Denpasar, Bali, but now i live and study in Jogjakarta. I’m study about civil engineering, once i was a kid (now i’m 17, so.. technically im not a kid anymore, but also not yet mature) i’ve a dream to became a Doctor. For me, being a doctor is a honour, because if i am a doctor, i will have a responsibility to the people life. so proudly i say that i wanna be a doctor. But then the university at that time did’t let me join their medical faculty. They didn’t accept me on the test. I was really devastated at that time.

Soon after that bad day my father told me that “its ok being rejected, you are still young and have much more opportunity to find who you are” (as i remember). Then my father took me to my current university and talk to me about the thing that i really hate when i’m in highschool. Civil Engineering.

After visiting Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta, there’s a coriousity inside my mind, then i googled things about Civil Engineering  to find what is so special being a civil engineer. Then i know the duty of a civil engineer. They are the people who build infrastructure to other people, and have a big responsibility to take care of a HUNDRED even THOUSAND of people life by calculating and predicting the infrstructure strength against it’s load.

Deal has been taken, now i’m in the third semester in Civil Engineering Program. I’d really enjoy my lecture, my friends. and now i’ve goal in my journey. To became an engineer who will make a change in this world. To make my family and people around me proud of me #GodBless


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