The Concept of BIM and Possibilities

“A concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the concept that could perform the next level of planning. BIM is an approach to support the design, construct and management activity. The ability of BIM would make the civil engineer and other parties involved in the project to make a better and precise decision. (Liang, 2015)”

The statement above are one of the main reasons of my prefference in deciding what i am gonna do for my final project research. During my period of study i do aware that construction industry require a good coordinator between parties who involved.

As a structure engineer (which currently what i am now), the design that served should match with the design from Architecture. The matching process, in reality, isn’t as simple as it sounds. From several project that i am working, demand from the architect mostly ‘a bit’ different from the design that submitted by the structure enginer. Re-evaluating, re-design and re-modeling might require in order to fullfill, or atleast considerably okay, the demand from the architect. Once the design is fixed by both parties, the owner of the project will be informed. Design, material and cost will be evaluated by the owner before giving a final words regarding the project continuity. If the owner was okay with the design then it will be executed by appointed contractors, but if the owner want some adjustment then the designing phase will be repeated all – over again (x.x’).

By the existence of BIM, it is expected that all parties which involved aware regarding the change and the demand from the owner. good comunication possibilities and easy access to the project as a whole will make the flaws that might occurs in the project


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